Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can I only add 2 people in the Lite version?
A. The lite version is limited to only 2 people. Other than that it is identical to the paid version.

Q. Do you take suggestions for new features?
A. Absolutely! Please email me using the link at the bottom of this page or from within the app on the about screen.

Q How do I remove a gift?
A. You can remove a gift by viewing it in a list of gifts and swiping your finger across the gift to be deleted. A delete button will appear and you can press it to remove the gift.

Q. I forgot my passcode, what do i do?
A. In order to reset the passcode you must delete the app and either re-download from the app store or re-add from iTunes. You can then load in any backup of your data that you have. In order to be secure there isn't a way to undo or reset a lost passcode. Re-downloading an app that you have already purchased does not charge you again.

Q. Is there a way to move my data from the Lite version to the paid version?
A. You can backup your data to email from the free version and in the backup it will have links to restore to either SLH or SLH Lite. Restore to SLH.

Q. Can you explain the values "budget", "planned" and "spent"?
A. The values budget, planned, and spent are defined for each person as follows:
Budget - The amount I am willing to spend on this person.
Planned - The total amount of the items I have allocated (planned) for this person, including items that I have already purchased.
Spent - The amount that I have actually spent on purchased items for this person.
For groups it is just a rollup/total of the individuals.

Consider this scenerio:

  • I budget $500 for my eldest son for christmas. This is the budget for him.
  • I add an 3 items to his list that total $350. This is the amount that I have planned for him.
  • I actually purchase one item for $150. This is the amount spent.
I know now that with a budget of $500, I have $350 already planned and have already spent $150 on him. I can still plan more gifts for him ($150 left in the budget) and yet I have $200 in planned items left to purchase.

Q. Can data be synchronized between two devices?
A. There is currently no sync between devices. I am actively developing the next major update that includes sync, but it will most likely not be available for this holiday season. The closest thing you could do is to back up to email from one device, and restore from backup on the other device. If you do this often then you could be synchronized on both devices. I realize that is not a great solution, as it was not meant to be a sync, but that's the best I can think of for keeping the devices in sync.

Q. How do I use X feature?
A. Shoot me an email. I'll be happy to explain any part of the app to you.

Remember, if you place your problem as a review on iTunes, I can't help you. I have no way of replying to you or helping you in any way. This also hurts sales of the app and makes it harder for me to justify the time away from my family needed to develop future apps and updates. The best way to receive support is to email me. I try to reply within a few hours (although I sometimes take a day to reply.)

On the other hand if you like the app and want to encourage updates, please leave a positive review on the App Store.

If you appreciate an update, then please update your review on the App Store so that it reflects the current version.

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